About Us

Founded in 2008 by brothers Aidan and Kevin Doolan, StoryToys has become one of the world’s leading publishers of innovative, entertaining apps for tablets and mobile phones. We invented the “digital pop up book,” an idea which enthralled audiences around the globe when we released our first Grimm’s Tale, Rumpelstiltskin in 2010. We were known as Ideal Binary back then.

Our aim is to create great apps that children love and parents can trust. We believe in:
  • Fun – our number one aim is to make kids smile.
  • Play – our apps are a feast for the senses: every pop-up scene comes alive as children see, hear and move characters and objects on-screen.
  • Learning – reading, playing and having fun is a great way to learn about the world.
  • Family – our apps are designed to be shared, allowing kids and parents to play together.
  • Value – we only provide high quality apps at reasonable prices. We also provide high quality free apps, and none of our apps have “hidden” charges.
  • Safety – all of our apps are free from third-party advertisements.

What We Do

We make StoryToys ~ interactive books and games that combine a great story or fun activities with stunning illustration, beautiful design and the interactivity and engagement of games. The 3D games technology we have created allows us to recapture the substance and tactility of real books, characteristics that are often lost in the world of ebooks. It also enables us to create the magical pop-up scenes that keep readers returning to our apps over and over again.

We love games, but we prefer that our kids play games that will leave them with something of value. Each of our StoryToys™ is designed to help children learn something, from reading, to sequencing, to task coordination.

We’re parents, so all our products are co-created with a team of mini-testers, ages 2 – 11. They tell us what works and what doesn’t. And they don’t pull any punches!

Who We Are

Our multi-talented team includes writers, artists, musicians, programmers and designers working together to create wonderful interactive experiences with simple goals in mind – to make children smile and laugh (and to give parents a break.)

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