Animal Band ~ 3D Interactive Music Toy

Animal Band is a fun and easy music toy that encourages young children to explore music while listening to their favourite tunes. It’s been a long day, and all the animals are feeling sleepy. As each loveable little character is woken up, it plays and sings along. But if you don’t keep playing, the band nods back to sleep!

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Musical Fun & Games

From the very first note, little ones will discover charming surprises in each 3D scene. They’ll love creating their own musical arrangements: tapping and swiping on characters to make them play instruments, spin around, or go to sleep. And the more they play, the more fun they’ll discover: having fun with mad mice, cheeky chicks and funny fish, playing with a bus, making a swing loop-the-loop, and racing a crazy chameleon on a bicycle

Our latest update adds two new classic nursery rhyme songs “If you’re Happy and You Know it” and “I’m a Little Teapot” to our ever growing collection of children’s nursery rhymes. We have added a new beach environment where the Animal Band play their new songs for you around a glowing campfire. Scuttling crabs, sea shell percussion, palm trees and rolling waves are all part of the new beach environment.

Designed for preschoolers and music lovers of all ages

Animal Band is part of the StoryToys Junior line. Designed for preschoolers and music lovers of all ages, it includes the following features:

  • Amazing animations: help 15 different animal characters dance and sing
  • Beautifully illustrated 3D scenes packed with interactive musical elements
  • Play along with the songs using each animal as a separate instrument
  • Ideal for parents and children to play together
  • Features charming musical soundtracks and playful sound effects
  • Much-loved tunes including: The Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and many more

Download Animal Band