Chug Patrol ~ Ready To Rescue

Get Ready to Rescue! Ride the rails with Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Jackman in this Chugtastic 3D interactive pop-up storybook app. Read the story, complete the challenges, and use your new skills to win badges.

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue looks and feels just like a real book. Watch and read or listen as Jackman tells the story, then turn the page to see each 3D pop-up scene magically unfold! It’s packed with games and activities… Do you have what it takes to be a Chug Patroller? Take part in the action to find out!

Traintastic Adventures Await!

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Chug Patrol Ready to Rescue App Review

“(The activities) are simple enough that a preschooler will not be frustrated but engaging enough to hold interest. The directions are very clear, always good for small ones. You can go through the whole thing page by page, but you can also skip to the activity you want on a picture menu. Also, when all the badges are earned, you can clear them in the parent menu, and do it again. I really like that touch, especially because my kids are sharing. With gorgeous pictures and lots of interesting sounds, this is a lot like interacting with the show…I don’t see any way this could be improved.”
~ Sue, Amazon, Sep. 2013

Chug Patrol Kids App Awards

  • Children’s’ Technology Review Editor’s Choice, Sep., 2013
  • Editor’s Choice Google Play, 2013

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