Leonardo’s Cat

A contraption-packed, brain-teasing puzzle game featuring the voice of Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men) as Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo’s latest invention, the Automaton, has been stolen by his devious arch-enemy Michelangelo. You must help Scungilli, Leonardo’s brave and long suffering cat, as he searches the ancient city for the Automaton, negotiating ominous obstacles and terrifying traps as he goes. Use your wits and an arsenal of da Vinci’s cunning inventions to negotiate levels and guide Scungilli to safety. But one false move – and it’s back to the drawing board!

– SOLVE physics-based puzzles through 60 levels of perilous adventure
– SURVIVE deadly obstacles and vicious traps using da Vinci’s legendary inventions
– EXPLORE a richly detailed and atmospheric world inspired by 16th-century Amboise, home to da Vinci’s studio
– COLLECT robot parts on each level to build da Vinci’s Automaton, the world’s first robot
– DISCOVER the truth as the humorous plot unfolds…

With over 7 million downloads and 400 Number 1 hits in Kids and Books categories worldwide, StoryToys has teamed up with Patrick Stewart, Michael Frith (The Muppets, Fraggle Rock) and Bob Tedeschi (New York Times, Bobo Explores Light) to create this fun-packed educational puzzle game.

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● 60 unique puzzle levels across 6 environments crammed with exploding/crashing/splashing fun!
● Beautifully-animated cut scenes featuring Patrick Stewart as the voice of Leonardo da Vinci
● Lush visuals and captivating soundtrack inspired by the Renaissance world
● Incredible inventions including cannons, catapults and ornithopters!
● Packed with fascinating educational content based on science, art and other wonders of the Renaissance


*Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice*
*Tech With Kids Best Pick Award*
*Teachers With Apps Top Pick*


“This upbeat puzzle adventure will have your kids, and probably even you, searching and solving your way through an ancient city as Leonardo da Vinci’s cat Scungilli”

“Leonardo’s Cat is a well-polished contraption-puzzler full of entertaining animation and hilarious dialogue and quips.”
Tech With Kids

“Leonardo’s Cat is a stunning title made that much more immersive with Patrick Stewart voicing Leonardo throughout the numerous cut scenes. As an added bonus, the title is also packed full of educational content covering science and art.”

“The life lessons as well as the information of life in the Renaissance in this game are just pure genius, and that is what makes it a TWA Top Pick. Simply put, Leonardo’s Cat is a masterpiece – after all it is a da Vinci!”
Teachers With Apps

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