Disney Coloring World

Color and play with your favorite Disney characters.

In Disney Coloring World, kids get creative with their favorite Disney and Pixar characters! Explore an ever-expanding universe of over 1000 coloring pages; from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, from the cast of the Lion King and Toy Story. Encounter an array of heroines, heroes, princesses, side-kicks, villains and so many more. Place your favorite characters into interactive 3D playsets, make-believe and dream any adventure.

For 4 year olds and up

A magical world of art, creativity, and imagination

Fostering creativity also helps children develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.


Creativity allows children to express themselves and promotes thinking and problem-solving.

Color Awareness

Coloring fosters practice and awareness of primary and common colors as well as more subtle colors.


The ability to complete an activity or piece of art builds self esteem and confidence in children.

Motor Skills & Focus

The act of selecting brushes, choosing colors, and applying them helps develop fine motor skills and the ability to focus.


Coloring is calming and therapeutic and kids can benefit from processing their emotions through the act of coloring.

1000+ coloring pages and interactive playsets

Once a character has been colored and decorated, it turns into a sticker that can be placed and played with in magical 3D playsets.

Color your favorite characters – from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, to Toy Story and so many more.

Select from a variety of brushes, crayons, markers and magic tools. It even supports Apple Pencil.

Play with your stickers in 3D playsets and relive iconic Disney moments.

Unlock more pages each time a coloring page is completed for endless fun.

For little hands, there’s a Magic Color tool that fills in all the colors perfectly.


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“Disney Coloring World has hundreds of Disney and Pixar characters for your little artist to choose from, but the real magic begins when the coloring ends. Once they’ve finished coloring, your child can drop their completed characters into interactive play sets, like the enchanted palace from Frozen and the carnival from Toy Story 4.”

– POPSUGAR Family – Your Toddler Will Love These Free Disney Apps

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Ready to start your free week of Disney Coloring World?