Get ready for some big adventures with your favorite heroes!

Join Spidey, Captain America, and other Marvel heroes for exciting adventures and pretend-play fun. Each play pack features an open-ended play experience to help your favorite Marvel hero save the day. Shoot webs with Spidey and his Amazing Friends or rescue a kitten with Captain America!

For 2-5 year olds

Each pack features fun and engaging problem-solving challenges to support your child’s learning and development.

LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL is carefully aligned with the highly-regarded Headstart Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

In LEGO DUPLO MARVEL, your child will:

– develop their IMAGINATION through pretend play with Marvel heroes
– build their SELF-CONFIDENCE with positive play experiences
– stimulate their CURIOSITY with child-centered ‘explore and discover’ play patterns
– develop their CREATIVITY and SELF-EXPRESSION by building with virtual LEGO DUPLO bricks
– practice REASONING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING skills with fun and challenging puzzles

LEARN important early-childhood skills.

Fun adventures with your favorite MARVEL heroes!

EXPLORE scenes to discover and learn.

Building with 3D bricks develops FINE MOTOR SKILLS.

PRETEND PLAY stimulates imagination and creativity.


Develop EARLY MATH SKILLS with puzzles and games.

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