Mother Goose Club

Transform screen time into a fun learning experience!

Children will love learning while singing and dancing along to their favorite Mother Goose Club songs and videos.

For 2-5 year olds

Mother Goose Club uses song, rhyme, play and dance, to bring preschool to the world

From babies to young children this is the ideal first app.


A child’s journey towards literacy begins at birth. One of the key steps is identifying the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.


The best way to build your child’s numeracy and maths skills is through making it fun. Singing songs about numbers is a great way to get started.

Animals, Nature & Space

From a young age children find animals fascinating and often develop special relationships with them. An appreciation and understanding of the natural world will become a key skill in all fields in the 21st century.


Research shows that dancing improves brain function and boosts memory.

Travel & Adventure

We like to help kids develop a strong sense of self, self-esteem, and respect for themselves while developing the same respect for those who differ.


Celebrations help children explore and experience different holiday traditions.

Videos, games, books & more!

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Hundreds of of nursery rhymes, songs and animations.

Educational books, puzzles and games.

Play offline and on the move.

Save your favorites. Make your own playlists.


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