Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with your favorite characters in the all-new Thomas and Friends app!

Choose from different characters on the scrollable menu screen, each with its own unique personality. Interact with the menu screen by tapping on fun actions like turning on and off a light above the characters!

Once you’ve selected your character, dive into Track Builder where the creative possibilities are endless. Design your own tracks around tunnels, rocks, ponds and much more! Watch as your chosen character travels along the track you’ve created, with different reactions and animations for each character and object.

Join your favorite trains as they adventure through the island of Sodor discovering an array of thrilling destinations and encountering fun challenges along the way.
This app offers endless fun and creativity for kids as they build, explore, and play with their favorite characters from the world of trains!

After enjoying the activities at their chosen destination, children embark on a tranquil nighttime journey back to Tidmouth Sheds. Along the way, they encounter calming interactions like sleeping animals, which help them understand that it’s time to wind down for bed. This gentle conclusion to their adventure reinforces a sense of routine and provides a lovely climax to their journey.

For 2-4 year olds.

Explore and play with Thomas and his friends.

Designed to be an autism-friendly experience.

Wind down with a gentle, calming night-time routine.

Discover new destinations.

Lay down tracks with ‘Track Builder’.

Create music with crystals for a sensory experience.

Problem-solve at The Duck Pond.

Clear the tracks for Thomas to pass.

Download Thomas & Friends™: Let’s Roll, now!

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