A colourful jungle scene. There's a waterfall in the centre and luscious green foliage all around. A little girl wearing a pink baseball cap waves at the camera and a high above, a sloth hangs from a vine.

Check out our new LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD: SUMMER ADVENTURE update!

Waay hey! Summer is here and it’s time for a WILD adventure across the globe! Dance the Conga in the South American jungle and swing from the vines.  Build beautiful homes for the baby Panda & friends beside the rivers of Asia. Then take a nature walk, deep in the Woods. Can you find the friends hiding in the trees? Finally, relive your journey with a Duplo Sticker Book.

Conga Vine

Come on and do the Conga! Join in the Jungle dance, pick an animal in the line…and then hang them in a sequence on the vine.

Working memory

Reasoning & Problem-solving

Learning Goal: Develop fine motor skills.

Join in the fun with your child! If they can’t make the sequence, give gentle hints rather than telling them what to do. To ensure a shared and cooperative experience, let everyone take turns.

The River House

The Duplo Animals wait down by the river. Can you build them a home?

Reasoning & Problem-solving

Fine Motor Skills

Learning Goal: Encourage creativity through building.

Work cooperatively with your child to build one brick at a time. Use simple language to explain each of your brick choices. You decide which brick to choose and the location in which to place it.

Walk in the Woods

Take a walk, deep into the Woods. Can you find all your forest friends? They’re very shy!

Imagination & Creativity

Social & Emotional Skills

Learning Goal: Cultivate imagination through pretend play.

Time for some fun pretend play! Let your child be the boss and follow their lead. Don’t worry if things don’t make sense—just go with the flow and feel free to be silly.

Animal Stickers

Choose your favorite noisy animal and Summer Adventure stickers…then put them anywhere you like! Make a picture or simply play with them!

Reasoning & Problem-solving

Focus & Attention

Learning Goal: Use reasoning to plan ahead to solve problems.

Talk about the animals your child chooses and the noises the stickers make. Why do they like them? What can they tell you about these animals? Can they take a picture?

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