We’re BIG fans of Halloween here at StoryToys, and we know that you’re probably super busy creating the most wonderful, detailed, award-winning costumes for your little monsters (and definitely not wrapping them in toilet paper at the last minute and calling them Egyptian mummies). So we’ve come up with some fang-tastic updates to keep your little ones busy, entertained and learning during the spooky season.

LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL: Trick or Treat

The Avengers are excited about Trick or Treating, but there’s a strange house in the neighborhood that takes treats from kids instead of giving them!

Enter Green Goblin’s “House of Not-Fun” with 3 Trick Rooms needing specific Avengers’ skills. Face fake Green Goblins in the Hall of Mirrors, smash Trick giant pumpkins to release Treats, and navigate the Fun House Crazy Maze to confront Green Goblin. Each puzzle helps kids develop focus and attention and problem solving skills.

Hungry Caterpillar Play School: Spider Spectacular

A read-aloud version of Eric Carle’s beloved tale, The Very Busy Spider, is beautiful story that encourages kids to persevere with difficult tasks. There’s also lots of creative fun weaving creepy-crawly webs in our Art & Craft video. Frightful fun!

Disney Coloring World: Halloween Party and Mini Villains

Kids can color and customize the Disney Villains along with their mischievous sidekicks in a terribly adorable all-new special collection coloring page pack: Mini Villains. They can also join a Halloween Party, coloring and customize a whole host of Disney and Pixar characters in their fancy dress costumes.

Marvel HQ: Halloween Spooktacular

Help little marvel fans get into the spirit of Halloween with spooky new books and coloring packs. They can also learn all about Black Cat & Scarlet Witch in the Meet section.