How to draw Mickey Mouse

Learning to draw has many emotional and psychological benefits for children. First kids learn how lines are used to draw shapes. Then they learn how these shapes can be combined in different ways to represent people, animals and even their favorite Disney characters. Below is a step by step guide to help your child draw Mickey Mouse.

Step One

Start by drawing a big incomplete circle, with the bottom part missing. Next, draw two smaller circles for Mickey’s ears.

Step Two

At the top of his head draw a curved line down to his cheek. Then make another curved line to complete his cheek.

Step Three

Repeat the same curved lines on the other side.

Step Four

Now draw three ovals. The first two, right in the middle, will be Mickey’s eyes. The one in the middle will become Mickey’s nose.

Step Five

Now let’s draw Mickey’s big smile. It’s one curved line with two smaller curved lines at either end of the big one.

Step Six

Time to draw his chin. It’s a wide curve below his smile. We will also draw another curve between his nose and eyes to show that he has a snout.

Step Seven

Create two small dots at the bottom of his eye ovals to finish off his eyes. Then complete his mouth to make it open and really smiling. Two curves inside his mouth makes it look like we can see his tongue.

Finally: Color and add your own touches!

COOL TIP: If you want to draw Minnie Mouse instead, just draw eyelashes and a big bow between those big mouse ears.

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