Introducing Funfair Superheroes: A LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL Update

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Join Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends for a fun visit to the funfair! Take a ride on the spinning ferris wheel. Test the heroes’ shooting skills in the Target Game. Use the High Striker to find out who is the strongest. And have lots of splashy fun on the water slide…but watch out for Green Goblin! Help Spidey, Ms. Marvel, and Hulk work together to stop him from spoiling the fun.




Ms. Marvel

Green Goblin

What’s it all about? Play with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Hulk, and Ms. Marvel as they meet at the funfair to enjoy a fun day together. Explore funfair games and entertainment.

  • Whizz down the Water Slide: Have splashy fun with Spider-Man, Hulk and Ms. Marvel
  • Spider-Man Ferris Wheel: Explore how to control the ferris wheel so that everyone can have spinning around!
  • High Striker: Who is the strongest? How do our heroes compare to ordinary people?
  • Target Game: Win a prize by shooting a water pistol at moving targets.

There’s lots of stuff for you to talk and laugh about with your child. When the friends are enjoying the Spider-Man Ferris Wheel, Green Goblin attacks, causing chaos with flaming pumpkin bombs! The three friends have to use their superpowers to stop him.

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