LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL Hulk Smash Update

LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL gets another amazing update filled with fun and learning. So what’s in it and what do parents need to know?


Incredible superhero fun!

Workers at a construction site need help and it’s up to Hulk to save the day! Using your creativity and problem-solving skills, work with Hulk to build structures with virtual LEGO DUPLO bricks. But watch out, naughty Sandman is making a mess. Can you help Hulk defeat him? You can also explore different ways of using Hulk’s awesome super strength to demolish old buildings with a SMASH!


Learning benefits for your child:

Time for some creative construction play to build awesome LEGO DUPLO structures! Help develop your bond with your child by chatting with them about the creative process as you play. Playing together? Great. Try asking your child these questions:

  • “Where do you think that bit should go?” 
  • “What color would you like here?”
  • “What will we do next?” 

As you play together, whenever you see an opportunity, praise your child’s creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills to help build their confidence.

Imagination and Creativity

Develop imagination through pretend play. Increase understanding and learning through exploration and discovery. Encourage creativity through building.

Social and Emotional Skills

Positive self identity; Develop confidence in own abilities, develop positive feelings about self.

Relationships with others; Play with other children, help others with tasks.

Reasoning and Problem-solving

Use reasoning to plan ahead to solve problems. Use a variety of strategies to solve problems.

Focus and Attention

Maintain focus and sustain attention for short periods of time. Persist at simple tasks until they are finished.

Fine Motor Skills

Tap and drag objects onscreen. Tap a moving target.

Fun adventures with your favorite MARVEL heroes!

EXPLORE scenes to discover and learn.

Ready to try LEGO® DUPLO® MARVEL?