LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD: Welcome to the Amusement Park!

Explore our latest playpack filled with fun and learning for your preschooler. Encourage their imaginations through pretend play.

Roll up, roll up! It’s all the fun of the fair this month in LEGO DUPLO WORLD as we launch our brand new Amusement Park playpack. Buy balloons and discover how to make people float in the air! Use 3D virtual LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to build tall slides for some slippery fun. Help your characters ride a carousel, eat snacks, get balloons and take funny photos. Yipee!


This role playing scene allows children to discover and experiment at their own pace. Help them to build their imagination and foster their creativity. This scene may look like pure play and fun but under the hood it’s teaching them how to navigate and regulate their social and emotional skills in a safe environment.


And of course our new playpack facilitates building. It’s time to build your own slide. How high can you make it? Use bricks to build one or more slides. Why not sit with your child and watch them as they build their own slide? Watch what happens as they place the child characters on the slide? Find out together.

FAMILY TIPS: Work cooperatively with your child to build one brick at a time. Use simple language to explain each of your brick choices, and to model how you decide which brick to choose and the location in which to place it.


The new spinning teacups scene is an interactive joy. This activity helps to set your child up for learning early math concepts. Enhance their reasoning and problem solving by matching balloons by color. Take photos as your characters whizz around!

FAMILY TIPS: Play cooperatively by taking turns to sort one balloon at a time. As the game progresses, you can each take responsibility for specific colors—you sort the red balloon, while your child does the yellow ones.


The train driver needs your help! Solve the gears puzzle to set the fairground train in motion. Choo choo! The Gears Puzzle isn’t just for budding mechanics and engineers. It facilitates reasoning and problem solving while helping children to practice their skills of focus and paying attention.

We’re proud to present this wonderful new update to this jammed packed app for toddlers. Through planning, building, and pretend play, LEGO DUPLO WORLD helps children develop key developmental skills— all while having fun! Let your child be the boss and follow their lead. Don’t worry if things don’t make sense—just go with the flow and feel free to be silly. There’s lots of hidden surprises too. What happens when the train arrives? What happens when an airplane flies overhead? It’s up to your child to use their own fertile imaginations. Tap to discover. Oh and don’t forget to watch out for the seagulls. They poop sometimes, you know!

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