Our new CARS playpack will drive your little ones wild with excitement!

Vroom vroom—let’s go for a drive! First build your vehicle. Will you make a car, a van, or maybe a fire truck?  Next, drive through a colorful DUPLO landscape, stopping for fun tasks along the way—fix a squeaky wheel, recharge your vehicle, or stop for a snack. Then it’s off to the car wash, where you can play with suds, bubbles, and lots of splashy water. Finally, drive through a twisty maze to win a shiny star!


Build A Car

Someone needs your help! Can you build them a vehicle to drive? You can make the one they ask for, or you can make something that you choose. There are lots of fun car, van and work vehicle options to choose from! 

Learning Goal: Maintain focus and attention on a simple task.

Learning Benefits: Focus and Attention, Social and Emotional skills.

Family Play: Practice cooperation by working together to create a shared vehicle. Speak aloud about your preferences and support your child to talk about what they would like. Model give-and-take behaviors to help achieve consensus so there is a positive outcome for everyone. 


Drive By

Take a drive in your new vehicle! On your journey, you will encounter a variety of fun and playful experiences: visit a mechanic to fix a squeaky wheel, charge your car with energy, stop to let animals cross the road, and enjoy a roadside snack. Watch out for muddy puddles as you drive—they can be messy…

Learning Goal: Cultivate imagination through pretend play.

Learning Benefits: Imagination and Creativity, Social and Emotional skills.

Family Play: Time for some fun pretend play! Let your child be the boss and follow their lead. Don’t worry if things don’t make sense—just go with the flow and feel free to be silly.


Car Wash

Your vehicle is muddy and dirty after your drive. Time to go to the car wash and clean the mess! Use the brush to scrub the dirt off and make lots of suds and bubbles. You can rinse by pouring water from the bucket or spraying water from the hose. There are lots of opportunities for splashy fun!

Learning Goal: Cultivate imagination through pretend play.

Learning Benefits: Imagination and Creativity, Fine Motor skills.

Family Play: This scene offers great scope for fun and chaotic play with your child. Let loose and be silly! ?


Car Maze

Solve the maze to earn a star! Start by selecting a vehicle, then drive it through the maze to reach the star. Little ones can tap or drag directly on a vehicle to move it, while older children can use the control buttons. As you progress, the mazes get more difficult in order to challenge growing brains. 


Learning Goal: Use reasoning to plan ahead to solve problems.

Learning Benefits: Reasoning and Problem Solving, Focus and Attention.

Family Play: Join in the fun with your child! If they get lost in the maze, give gentle hints rather than telling them what to do. To ensure a shared and cooperative experience, let everyone take turns.