Tips for keeping young kids active during winter

It can happen to us all: The days get shorter, darker and colder and we just don’t have the same drive to keep fit and active. Staying motivated and keeping active when it’s winter can be just as challenging for young kids as it is for adults. Here are some things to try to help young kids stay active, fit and mentally strong when it’s cold outside.


Turn your smart tv or tablet into a fitness coach

There is no shortage of YouTubers who design fitness programs for kids. Why not join your children, and lead by example. Here are some we’ve tried ourselves:

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, began his career with HIIT workouts and sharing “lean in 15 meals” on Instagram. Since then he’s branched out into fitness programs for children. You don’t need any equipment to join in. He’s very down to earth and his programs are both fun and safe for children to enjoy. We love his Hey Duggee workouts especially.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids takes inspiration from kids films and tv shows and turns them into fun yoga narratives and exercises that kids love. Whether your child is into Disney’s Frozen, Star Wars, or even the The Great British Bake off, there’s something for everyone. The instructor Jamie even does aseries about mindfulness for kids aged 5+. She makes yoga and mindfulness relevant for kids, helping them learn body awareness, understanding their emotions and self-regulation.


Dojo Go teaches Kids Martial Arts and Karate! Again this channel uses characters that kids know and can relate to to each life lessons, martial art workouts, and fun games. Budding Ninjas can find tons of videos here. Again the instructor uses brands like Marvel, Ninja Turtles and even Pokemon to make the workouts relatable and relevant to young kids.


Try out a winter sport

Maybe your child is too young for skiing or snowboarding but there are plenty of things to try. Ice skating is magical and kids just love it. It works their core and improves their balance over time. If it snows, how about making a bunch of snowballs, create a (non-human) target and get them to throw as many as they can. If your kids love sledding make sure they help with dragging it up the hill as well as having fun whizzing down!


Music and dance

Stick on your favorite seasonal music and get silly. Dancing is great for keeping your heart strong, it also controls cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. It’s also hard to beat for reducing stress and anxiety, especially in young children.


Take a long walk then make art

Wrap up well and explore nature. Show children how everything changes in the winter. Animals are hibernating. Trees have lost leaves. Rivers might be fuller. Encourage your kids to take photos and when they get home turn those photos into art – encourage them to draw or paint everything they’ve encountered outside.